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Hearing Loss & Depression

Can Hearing Loss Affect Us Emotionally?  The answer is a resounding YES.


Hearing is an important part of our daily life. It connects us to our family & friends, It is essential in maintaining relationships. It keeps us connected to the world around us through television, radio, music, and other forms of entertainment.

Hearing loss interferrs with our ability to connect with the world around us. As we lose those connections we can become frustrated and upset. We then tend to withdraw and isolate ourselves from others. We avoid social situations where it may be difficulty for us to hear. This frequently leads to depression, anxiety and stress.

Now that we know the concern, what do we do about it? The first step to take is to have your hearing tested by a Doctor of Audiology to determine if you have any hearing loss. If the hearing test reveals any concerns, our Doctors will work with you to create a individualized hearing treatment plan which may consist of hearing aids, assistive devices, and aural (hearing) rehabilitation exercises.

Take the first step towards preventing cognitive decline today by contacting our office to schedule time to learn more.

When you contact our office you can schedule:

  • A Free Hearing Screening (Free)

  • A Basic Hearing Test and Consult with one of our Doctors ($80* - many insurance plans cover this visit)

  • A Full Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation ($185 - most insurance plans cover this visit)

    *Cash price when paid at the time of service

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