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Cochlear Implants

When hearing aids are no longer enough! Cochlear implants are for children and adults!



You are a parent who has found out that your child has little to no usable hearing or an auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder.  If a cochlear implant has been suggested or you are just starting your research, below is a brief explanation of how a cochlear implant works and a few websites you can go to for more information.  There are also more links for parents under the pediatric tabs.



You have used hearing aid for years but you are still not seeing the benefit.  You can hear the volume of sound but you cannot understand the words, even with hearing aids.  There may be another option: a cochlear implant.

Cochlear implants work differently than hearing aids because they are surgically implanted into the cochlea (the organ of hearing) creating a usable electrical signal.  Bypassing the natural hearing system in this fashion allows the brain to relearn how to listen in a different fashion, this then allows recipients to understand the words unlike hearing aid users could.

What do I do if I feel I am a candidate or my child is a candidate for a cochlear implant?


Call Brant Audiology and Tinnitus and you will be scheduled with Dr. Ruby Zubrod for a cochlear implant evaluation.  During this appointment you or your child will have your hearing evaluated with a specialized set of hearing tests to determine if your hearing qualifies you as a candidate for the implant.  After discussing the audiogram, our Audiologist will explain your options and have demo devices that you can look at in the office.

If you are unable to communicate well on the phone and would rather e-mail, please send questions or


Resources for Cochlear Implants:

Cochlear America:

Advanced Bionics:


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