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Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection 

Why is protecting my hearing important?

Living in Wyoming many of us enjoy shooting sports, riding ATVs, or working with power tools. At work our patients are often exposed to loud machinery, or other sound sources that could damage your fragile auditory system. Hearing protection is key to avoiding hearing loss or symptoms such as tinnitus.

Protecting your hearing is not only important, it’s essential because once damaged, your hearing can’t be fixed, and tinnitus from exposure to loud sounds can be prevented.

What types of hearing protection are available? 

At Brant Audiology and Tinnitus we offer a wide range of customized hearing protection products, both for performance and price range. Basic options include custom molded solid earplugs that may be used for a wide range of occupational and recreational activities. Mid level technology includes high frequency and mini-filtered earplugs which use an acoustic chamber to allow speech sounds through, while attenuating loud dangerous sound to an appropriate level. These devices can be catered specifically to different environments, perfect for musicians, dental workers, or those in noisy work situations. Impulse filter ear plugs are very popular for Wyomingites; developed for military use, these custom molds protect your hearing from sounds like gun shots and artillery fire, yet maintain awareness of sound directionality while you are out in the field. Finally, high level technology is available in the form of electronic hearing protection. Sound is enhanced up to 8 times over regular hearing protection, with automatic suppression of loud dangerous sounds. These devices may be instant fit or custom molded, and they are especially popular for shooters, industrial workers, and those with hearing loss.  

            Our Doctors of Audiology will discuss your specific hearing protection requirements and recommend the best option for your individual needs and budget. Custom hearing protection makes an excellent gift for a loved one who participates in noisy activities such as motorcycle riding, shooting sports or hunting, lawn care, concerts, mechanic work, or exposure to farm equipment.


Resources for Custom Hearing Protection:

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