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Our Practice


Dr. Brant Christensen of Brant Audiology and Dr. Ruby Zubrod of Audiology and Tinnitus Center merged their practices in 2012. This partnership allowed both doctors the ability to provide better care and extend their treatment options for patients. Dr. Samantha Wagner Yung joined the team in 2015, serving our Goshen County patients in our Torrington clinic. Dr Austin Poulsen joined us in 2020, serving patients our Cheyenne & Casper clinics. 











As the largest comprehensive audiology clinic in Wyoming, we are passionate about serving people and improving their quality of life through better hearing. Despite the large size of the practice, each audiologist prides themselves on their ability to form genuine, meaningful connections with each and every patient.

Our Vision Statement
Brant Audiology focuses on personal development and teamwork as we strive for growth by being trustworthy and making a difference for each other, our family, our patients and our communities.

Our Staff Members 


Theo Davison

Patient Experience Specialist


Beth Warren
HIS Trainee


Audiologists must earn a Doctorate of Audiology (AuD) degree. This requires 4 years of undergraduate study and an additional 4 years of specialized academic and clinical work, including high-level training in the prevention, identification, assessment, and treatment of hearing and balance disorders. Their extensive academic credentials, professional certification, and licensure, allow Audiologists to provide a full range of professional services, from consultation and diagnosis, to development of individual treatment plans, which may include hearing aid fitting and programming, to post-fitting counseling and rehabilitation. Take away any of these services and you no longer have comprehensive hearing care!


Hearing aid dispensers and audiologists are both licensed to fit and program hearing aids. However, only an Audiologist is able to diagnose hearing, tinnitus and balance concerns.  All our services are provided under the direction of a Board Certified Doctor of Audiology.

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