CHEYENNE                     CASPER                        WHEATLAND
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​                                Also Serving:   Torrington • Chadron • Scottsbluff

Our Doctors

                                                     Brant Audiology Associates

                                                         Proudly serving you in:

Cheyenne • Casper • Douglas • Laramie • Pine Bluffs • Torrington • Wheatland • Chadron

                                     Amber Christensen
                                     Patient Care Specialist                                       Cheyenne

                                    Amber loves being able to help people and always looks forward to helping people hear better.

                      Audiology Assistant



                              enjoys working with hearing aids and can take care of most hearing aid trouble-shooting areas.

Our Staff Members

                                Delila Bartels
                               Patient Care Specialist


                              Delila brings              

exceptional organization skills, communication skills, a bright personality, and problem solving abilities.


                                Ruby Zubrod, Au.D.
                                Doctor of Audiology

                                Dr. Zubrod, "please call                                     me "Ruby," is a Wyoming native. Her family originally homesteaded in Cheyenne in 1906. A graduate of the University of Wyoming, her passion is helping people of all ages improve their hearing. Ruby is specially trained to work with Cochlear Impalnts and Baha systems. 

                               Brant Christensen, Au.D.
                               Board Certified in Audiology

                               Dr. Christensen, or Brant                                   as he preferes to be called, loves living in Wyoming and loves helping people hear better. His passion is evaluating and treating hearing loss & tinnitus. He specializes in working with adults who have hearing loss or tinnitus​​


                                Samantha Wagner Yung,                                  Au.D.
                                Doctor of Audiology

                                Dr. Samantha is a native of Goshen County, Wyoming. She is thrilled to be helping her friends and neighbors hear the best they can. She specializes in providing the highest quality hearing care available throughout rural Wyoming and Nebraska.

                                     Tracy Neff
                                     Patient Care Specialist                                       Casper

                                    Tracy enjoys visiting with our patients while she cleans and troubleshoots their hearing aids

Our Practice

Dr. Brant Christensen of Brant Audiology and Dr. Ruby Zubrod of Audiology and Tinnitus Center joined their practices in 2012. This partnership allowed both doctors the ability to provide better care to their patients.

As the largest comprehensive audiology clinic in Wyoming and Western Nebraska, we are passionate about serving people and improving their quality of life through better hearing. Even though we are the largest audiology clinic in this region, we pride ourselves in not losing the personal touch.

                                     Nancy Swift
                                     Patient Care Specialist                                       Cheyenne

                                    Nancy loves to greet people and visit as they come in.

                                     Rodene Meyer
                                     Patient Care Specialist                                       Wheatland

                                    Rodene is relatively new to Brant Audiology Associates and is thrilled to be exposed to so many new interesting things in the audiology field.