Beautiful Wyoming
4th-Year Externship

We are a multi-location audiology practice looking for a 4th-year AuD student. We work with infants through geriatrics providing diagnostics testing, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid sales, cochlear implant management, and tinnitus treatment.  Come join this amazingly growing practice in a unique Wyoming landscape where nature is as uncrowded as our highways.


Our practice has three outgoing, charismatic, Doctors of Audiology who are interested in working with a 4th year who wants to fully embrace diagnostics, hearing aid fittings and has an interest in understanding entrepreneurship and genuinely cares about learning how a business operates. We are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of service, while connecting with them in a meaningful and professional way.


Requirements: The ideal candidate is enthusiastic, outgoing and team oriented.  You should be ready to perform medically relevant diagnostics, including audiometry, immittance, DPOAEs as well as treatment focused evaluations that include speech-in-noise testing such as the ANL and QuickSIN and loudness discomfort levels.  Must be passionate about working with hearing aid technology and desire to improve lives with hearing aid solutions.  You will be expected to improve proficiency with hearing aid dispensing and ongoing hearing aid management with electroacoustic analysis and real ear measurements. We specialize in tinnitus evaluation and management where an extensive tinnitus test battery and solution-driven, holistic treatment management options need to be embraced. 


Skills expected to have mastered before arrival: 

*Pure tone air and bone conduction audiometry

*Immittance testing - tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, decay

*Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions - diagnostic and screening protocols

*Hearing Aid Electroacoustic Analysis

*Real Ear Measurements


Skills the student can expect to learn/demonstrate during the externship:  

*Hearing Aid Sales and Counseling

*Tinnitus Diagnostics, Management and Counseling

*Cochlear Implant Evaluation, Surgical Referral and Post-implant Mapping

*Develop Small Business Management Skills- Marketing, Social Media, Business Management Skills

*Develop Aural Rehabilitation Skills


4th year students would be placed in our Cheyenne clinic as a home base.  They would travel with all the providers to our different locations.  If the 4th year student is a good match for the practice a full time position may be offered, however, it is not mandatory that you accept that position in order to qualify and be selected for the 4th year experience.

TO APPLY: Email a resume to

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 30, 2020